Heirloom Seedlings & Vegetables

In 2016, we began growing a small variety of heirloom vegetable and herb seedlings.

Raising seedlings began much like the raising of livestock, as a collaborative  way for our family to raise more of our own food. 

We choose to grow heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs, as much as possible, as a way to preserve diversity, try some unique varieties of veggies and of course to enjoy all of their amazing flavours!  

Seeds are ordered from William Dam Seeds, a reputable Ontario based seed company that supplies great quality products and many unique plant varieties. In 2019, we also added seeds from Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds a small, family owned farm specializing in certified organic seeds and open pollinated varieties of vegetables, herbs, and pollinator friendly plants.

We grow our seedlings in an organic growing medium from Fafard soil company.  No pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are used to grow them. 

Our 2019 seedling list includes the varieties listed below. 



- Black Cherry

- Moonglow: Yellow/orange slicing

- Amish Paste: paste tomato

- Pruden's Purple: deep pink, beefsteak

- Box Car Willie: slicing

- Totem Dwarf: patio/pot tomato

- San Marzano: red paste tomato

- Gardeners Delight: red cherry tomato


- Sweet Sunset sweet pepper

- King of the North sweet pepper

- Amish Pimento sweet pepper

- Doe Hill Sweet pepper

- Tam Jalapeno: mild heat


Italian Parsley (Flatleaf)

Darki Parsley (Curled)

Garden Sage

Lemon Balm

English Thyme

Greek Oregano



Genovese Basil

Cinnamon Basil

Red Opal Basil





Hyssop, Anise

Polinator Friendly Plants

Globe Thistle 'Arctic Glow'


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