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100% Grass Fed Beef

Belted Galloway cattle originated in the rugged hill country of Scotland.  Over the years, the Galloway breed came to be celebrated for their efficiency on rough forage, maternal ability and high quality beef.  They are well adapted to cold, rugged climates. They are one of the few breeds of cattle that grow a shaggy hair coat in the winter.  In the summer they shed this coat and tolerate warm climates better than most other cold adapted cattle. This makes them well suited to life in Canadian climate.  Due to their striking appearance, the Belted Galloways have been nicknamed "Belties" and have also been called "Oreo Cookie Cows".


At Greener Pastures, from Spring until Fall, we practice intensive rotational grazing.  The cattle are given a new strip of pasture twice per day.  This allows the cattle to fully graze the smaller sections of pasture as well as act as natural manure spreaders in the process.     

In winter, the cattle remain out on pasture and we practice bale grazing.  This allows us to mimic the natural process that takes place in the warmer seasons. We spread out hay in strips along the pasture to again allow the cattle to fully graze and fertilize the land evenly, despite the cold temperatures and snow.

Being 100% grass fed means our cows are never fed corn or grain, not even for finishing them before processing.  In addition to the pasture, we do provide a free choice mineral buffet for the cattle which includes natural trace mineral salt, diatomaceous earth, kelp meal, and a bovine mineral.


Click on the document link to check out our Grass Fed Beef Newsletter for more information. 

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