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Heritage Pastured Pork

Tamworth Pigs are one of the oldest breed of pigs. Long heads and impressive snouts enable these pigs to be efficient foragers.  They do well in pasture-based farming systems.  Ginger red coats make the pigs adaptable to a variety of climates and protect them from sunburn. 


We rotate the pigs through large woodlot paddocks.  This allows them to graze and root in their natural environment. Pigs are quite active foragers so we move them regularly to give the pasture a chance to bounce back before they return again. 

The pigs are out on woodlot pastures throughout their time on our farm.  In addition to pasture, we feed them hay and a mix of organic grains (oats, spelt, field peas & flax) milled right on the farm.  We work with a few local producers to help them deal with a waste product that is beneficial to these very versatile eaters. 

  • Whey from Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese

  • Brewers Grain from Upper Thames Brewery

  • Coffee Chaff from Early Bird Coffee Roasters

  • Cacao Husks from Habitual Chocolate

We also enjoy feeding them in-season produce when we can.

The Tamworth breed is a naturally slower growing variety of pig so we raise them for around 10 months. 

Click on the document link to check out our Pastured Pork Newsletter for more information.

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