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The Farm

Our goal is to provide the healthiest food products we can by combining traditional farming methods with some new alternative-based techniques, always ensuring that we are rooted in current ecological knowledge. 

As stewards of a multi-species farm, we work to foster symbiotic relationships within the farm ecosystem.  We believe that when we treat the ecosystem right, nature has a way of taking care of itself.  

We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.  In fact, we work to encourage all of this biological life as they work in balance to increase the productivity and heath of the land, our animals and our community.

All the decisions we make on the farm are based on three main ecological farming principles: Humanely Raised, Pasture Based & Heritage Breeds.

Humanely Raised

All of our animals are raised with their natural insticts in mind.  They are given year round acess to the outdoors which allows them to root, scratch and graze all year long as nature has intended them to.  We make sure that they always have access to food and water.  We also avoid practices such as beak triming, tail docking, teeth clipping, and artificial insemination. 



Pasture Based

All of our animals are raised primarily on pasture.  We provide them with shelter as needed but they always have access to the outdoors, even in winter.  Being a pasture based farm means that we try to centre our decisions around what is best for the soil.  We use rotaional grazing practices which means the land is given time to  recover between grazing periods.  Concentrating the animals also provides natural fertilization. 


As pasture based farmers, our aim is producing great grass as the main feed source for all of our animals. The philosophy we have adopted and that we work from each day is one of treating the soil well, which will produce healthy grass, which will raise a healthy animal, which will ultimately become a healthier, better tasting meal for our family and our customers.


We encourage you to research for yourself the health benefits of eating meat raised on pasture.  In general, pasture based farming practices provide food sources higher in Vitamin A, E & D, and Omega 3s.


Heritage Breeds

Many Heritage Breeds have been naturally selected for life outdoors and some breeds will perform better in winter climates.  As industrial farming has developed, breeds have been selected for different traits based on the needs of the industry and efficiency.  This means that many of the great heritage genetics are being lost.  We have decided to raise heritage breed livestock, both to help preserve these important genetics as well as maximize efficiency on a pasture based system.  Many will also say that they produce better tasting food... but we will let you be the judge of that!


Visit our individual animal pages to see how these principles are applied in each case.

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